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Buffalo Raceway
Century House Bed and Breakfast
The Century House is the oldest continuously operating guest house on Nantucket today. Century House, under the direction of JeanE (a senior docent at Palm Beach’s Norton Art Museum) and Gerry’s enthusiastic support, has operated an artist in residence program and for the past years Century House guests have been encouraged to meet and socialize with any of the artists who might be staying at the Inn. The work of many artists who have been in residence are included in the many pieces in the extensive Century House collection. Paintings are continually rotated between the common areas and guest rooms, all for the enjoyment of guests of the Century House.

Meadowlands Racetrack
Politics and Miscellaneous
Drudge Report
Here's where you get the headlines that matter (or not).

Jewish Task Force
I agree with these guys. Politicians: yemach schmo vezichro

Lou Dobbs
He rants about illegal immigrants, my other favorite subject.

This is where I go to get my daily headlines.

Bloodstock Research
This is where I often buy past performances. They have excellent stats for maiden races.

I opened an account here and have actually not had to make a deposit since opening the account! Thank you Magic Weisner and Domedriver!

Daily Racing Form
Here is another stop on my daily web surfing.

Hollywood Park
Here's where you go to make the most of your losses, taxwise!!

John Acello CPA
Go to my husband, just email him at John to help manage your steep horse investing and betting losses!

New Stride Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation
This is heaven: where Canadian horses retire. You know how I feel about always betting Canadian geldings. Please support them!!!

The Final Turn
Come read my brilliant posts as Instant Friendship

The History of Horseracing
A great site recommended by Marco, an expert on the history of horseracing and its controversies

TechMedia Services
This is the genius who designed, developed and created this website! Roderick Santiago can be reached at and at 646-529-9123.