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October 25, 2003

An Awesome Day at the Races!

When the longshot won the Distaff, I knew it was going to be a great day. Where the hell was everybody else? Planning Azeri's Older Female Horse Eclipse celebration party? Got Koko at least hit the board, but I didn't have a bet on her to show. I lost about $8 on this race, but I hate money, so it didn't spoil the fun of watching the longshot win. I had $2 across the board on Ashado, but was really ecstatic with the way Much-The-Best Halfbridled mopped the field. An awesome performance always compensates for the loss of a few bucks. I won the place and show on Ashado, but lost about $10 on stupid bets. Although Peace Rules misfortune!! was a disappointment for me, I had $2 place and show on Touch of the Blues. So I won there. Lost another $10 on stupid bets. I had $2 place and show on Blues the Standard but lost $12 on stupid bets. Love to see a claimer do well, I love claimers, they are the bread and butter of the whole industry. Love it when one breaks through. Lost on race six and race seven, but didn't bet much. Figured the Euro's rule the turf, wasn't into betting them, the prices just didn't entice me. As for the Juvenile, I did have Minister Eric but I did a $1 exacta box with Tiger Hunt and the stupid bet on Mambo Train. Like I said, I don't like the Juvenile. Race 8 was another complete wipeout, but I made deliberately stupid bets because I love Balto Star and Toccet and the Tin Man, completely hopeless cases but love conquers all, so I made show bets on Balto and Toccet and the Tin Man across the board, even though I knew the Euros would win. Who wants to pick between High Chaparrel, Falbrav, Sulamani and forget the Stevens horse, don't like betting on injured jockeys so soon after the injury. So when the cheap replica watches for men dead heat came up and we knew it was a dead heat as soon as they said "this is too long for a decision other than dead heat" and the empty suits were upstairs trying to cover their asses, calling their lawyers, can't you just picture it?? and the horses are sweating and my friend Rich is pacing and I'm telling him, relax, it's a dead heat between Johar and High Chaparrel, can you imagine the problems it would cause if they awarded first to one and second to the other, can you imagine??? I knew my stupidity was the correct way to play this. Race 9. I had the win place show on Pleasantly Perfect (the future Behrens) and the exacta with Medaglia d'Oro, but being a first class ass I had "$1 exacta box 2 and 8" on my call sheet to the phone account, which I called before the races start, asshole me did a wheel because I am a first rate dumb shit, so although I lost the $70 exacta, it doesn't matter at all, I had my great thrill. And both of my accounts, Brisbet and On the Wire, are well in the black. So no calls imminent on my Visa card. But best of all I finally won the Breeder's Cup Pool. So I won $135 on the card I made for my husband, and I tied with Phil Arthur so we split first place. A dead heat. The best of the best is no injuries however. The absolute best part of the day. I prayed before each race.

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