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May 14, 2003

Preakness Freakness

Here are the major categories I am using in determining my bet for this race:

Has hit over 100 beyer in career-winner only; Preference given to Derby alums; A minimum of 3 races as a 2 year old; Whatever it takes as a 3 year old to bring total career races to a minimum of 6 overall; Less than 30 day layoff; Tie breaker: Post positions 3-7 rule; Horse for Course: EXTRA!;

Beyer qualified: During, Funny Cide, Peace Rules, Scrimshaw; Derby qualified: Funny Cide, Peace Rules, Scrimshaw; 2 year qualified: Cherokee Boy, Funny Cide, Midway Road, Peace Rules; 6 race minimum with 2 yr qualified: all of the above; Horses missing 6 overall regardless of 2 year old #: During, Foufa, Kissin Saint, Senor Swinger; Less than 30 day layoff: All but Kissin Saint, During; Horse for Course: Cherokee's Boy My probable bet: exacta box: Funny Cide, Peace Rules, Scrimshaw and Cherokee Boy;

$2 place and show on Cherokee Boy, Scrimshaw, Foufa's Warrior; $2 show on Ten Cents a Shine

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