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April 29, 2003

Kafwain out, Empire Maker sore foot

Well, this certainly makes my handicapping a tad easier. Any excuse to bag Empire Maker from my exotics, and with any kind of foot problem, they had BETTER scratch him--and no Jerry Bailey--YESSS! I definitely was going to bet Kafwain, so that saves me six bucks. Here's my handicapping preliminaries: I love a closer. I love a horse who has a ton of races under his belt. I love consistency. I love a horse that has handled Churchill. For Beyers, I don't do the bounce thing. What I do is project 5 points on a horse that has run over a hundred, and project ten points on a horse that has not if he has run over six races, minimum seven. I believe experience is a key factor. I pay attention to Dosage even though it has fallen out of favor. Nothing would please me more than Peace Replica Watches Rules winning, but his 4.50 makes me sick. Well, to be honest, what WOULD please me more than Peace Rules winning would be Sir Cherokee winning or Buddy Gil winning. Supah Blitz will hit the board. Take that to the bank. Now I'm starting to sound Male. Ok, here I am, the Butch handicapper. Here's the bet (with information current to today): Winner: Sir Cherokee Second Place: Buddy Gil Third Place: Supah Blitz Put a straight trifecta with these horses, in this order of finish and plan to cash your ticket. If Empire Maker runs and is 100% sound and he wins hands down, then f% $k it.

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