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April 12, 2003

Woulda Coulda Shoulda

I have already placed my bets because I cannot stand it anymore. Enough already. So when real dollars are on the line, and not just my big mouth, things change. Here are my replica breitling watches bets: Wood Memorial - $2 place and show on Spite the Devil, Kissin Saint, and Sky Soldier. Rationale: greed. $1 exacta box: Senor Swinger, Indy Dancer and Empire Maker. Rationale: Senor Swinger was a mistake. I am an ass. Keeneland- $2 place and show on Acceptable Venture, Lion Tamer, and Brancusi. Rationale: Peace Rules has to win, I just love this horse, so who comes in second and third matter. More bang for the buck with the place and show. Am famous for having the 1st and third horse only in my exactas; who needs it with a 7/5 favorite on top. Oaklawn - $1 exacta box on Cat Genius, Region of Merit and Man Among Men. Rationale: ran out of money. I do not want to dip below $100 in my Brisbet account for the Derby.

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