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April 11, 2003

Some After Thoughts of the Liberal Handicapper

Ok, so I'm checking out the morning line odds and as the odds rise, so does the horse's bets-appeal. Oaklawn. I'm digging Crowned King as the come from behind horse for the course, and I'm digging Cat Genius as the only certifiably one dimensional front runner, which means Lone Speed. So I'm digging Cat Genius to win or off the board, and I'm digging Crowned King to beat Cat Genius if Cat Genius ain't a genius and I'm still into Region of Merit and Man Among Men.

So ass that I am, I will box an exacta with these four horses. Goodbye $12.

Not to mention my win place show on Crowned King.

Now on to Aqueduct. Funny Cide's in, because he is a gelding, and he was bred at Win Star Farm, which was a very friendly place when I visited it with my sister in law in 2001. Friendly places are nice "breeding grounds" for friendly horses. Feng Shwey.

Still no exotics on this race with Bailey the Spoiler. Will bet New York Hero, liking the 8-1 odds, but not if it drops much lower than that. That's my only possible other bet. Funny Cide for the payday, New York Hero for sentimental reasons--plus I like Paraneck Stables because of Unbridled's Song and Ernies ok--face it, I'm kissing away my Santa Anita bundle the more I get into this stupidity. Only one horse wins a race, for crying out loud.

Now Keeneland. Did I just read that Badge of Silver hurt himself and is out? Maybe I'll just bet more. You know, I'll just place and show a bunch, maybe put an additional $2 win bet on the Italian Brancusi if I'm in a really stupid mood. Don't we all want Peace Rules to win this one, though, folks. Prado, Frankel, won on turf and increases every Beyer. Let's root for Peace Rules. Forget it, the Italian only gets the place and show.

I promise to report how much I win and lose after the races.

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