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Commentary on My Art
December 13, 2002

The Appearance of Paintings on this Site

Something about scanners and cameras really distort and emphasize the wrong things when I look at the images of my pictures on this site. The watercolors look particurally blotchy and sloppy. I don't know what to do, because they really are nice. It's the reproductions you are looking at that stink. I eventually will go to Jellybean and have reproductions made and see what turns up. Otherwise, I guess I have to learn Adobe to correct the blotches. It's not like I have all of the time Replica Watches in the world to dedicate to learning a computer program. All of my free time is spent creating art, either painting, drawing, planning, destroying, you name it. I have to allocate time to some social obligations. Fortunately I have a very undemanding spouse. Otherwise I would be ripping my hair out. I have a full time job. It provides the income I need to support the cost of my life's mission. I am happier not depending on creating pictures of horses as my primary source of income. Definitely definitely happier not having to do commissions, which are torture, utter torture. I have raised my prices, thanks to an article I recently read in Businessweek Magazine. Do you know that for a "mere" $3,000 you can get a head and shoulders painting done? My prices were once much lower than a "mere" $3,000, but I am now raising them to catch up. After all, I don't want to give away my art. Hell no! Thank you Businessweek for opening my eyes. I work in business and have a set of opinions on business, which I will not express here. My Dad has exerted a big influence on me. He is really the only person on this planet who can still tell me what to do.

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