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September 30, 2008

The Breeders Cup Over Two Days is a Mistake

There must be some hotshot MBAs over at Breeder's Cup headquarters.  To come up with the asshole idea of running the girls on Friday and the boys on Saturday.  To come up with the idea of new divisions: Filly and Mare Sprint, Turf, Ladies Classic, Marathon, Dirt Mile...more is more, which is the new MBA in Marketing mindset.  Oh, I forgot, there's an economic meltdown going on and more is more may end up on the scrap heap of bad ideas that keep getting resurrected everytime you give 25 year olds power or allow people to get jobs in management without getting their hands dirty doing the shit work.  Oh yeah, that economic disaster!  Renaming junk loans to "subprime" loans.  Building ass ugly mcmansions in cornfields and stripping every semblence  of nature from communities with trees and grass wherever possible.  But the voters living in these shitheaps believe in global warming, remember, and want to "go green".  Sure, sure. 

Does it seem like I'm getting old?  It doesn't? I'm the same asshole I always was, railing against everything media driven?  Phew, that's good cheap replica rolex watches.

But I am pissed off about the changes made to the races; Yum!Brands Presents the Kentucky Derby notwithstanding.  This Breeder's Cup will be fun, but I'll be on the train on Friday when the fillies and mares run so I'll have to put my bets in Thursday night.  Fucking assholes.

My father's dead so I can curse all I want on this website and not give a rats ass who reads it.  My mouth always made him cringe.  Besides nobody reads my website because a)it's boring, and b)it's not journalism and c)I'm doing absofuckinglutely NOTHING about promoting it!  Ha. 


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