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September 08, 2007

Thirty Unfinished Paintings Added

Here's the thing: when I finish a painting, it's generally around the time it's going somewhere: to a buyer, to Crafter's Gallery, to the Century House.  It's done, it's finished and the last thing I'm going to do is get my husband to take a nice picture of it.   So about fifty or sixty paintings have never made it to my site.  This time I decided to put up some paintings that I am working on but haven't finished (some are closer to done than others).  I figure they never really look that great on the website compared to how they look in person, what real difference does it really make?  If anybody is interested in buying anything after I finish it, they can say "Hmm, number 18 looks like it has potential. Finish it and let's see what we've got."  Otherwise I will finish what I finish, start some more and sell them when they're done.  Hopefully I'll take pictures of finished works so there's at least a record somewhere.   If I did my job the way I manage my art business I'd be a starving artist for sure.  When I eventually get laid off from cheap Replica Watches my day job, then I'll get more serious about the business side of my pictures. For now, every free minute is spent creating the art (destroying the art, finishing the art, letting the art pile up and then decide whether it's worth finishing, etc. etc. etc.)


This is about as close as I'm ever going to get to making an "artist's statement".



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