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June 05, 2007

Hard Spun is Going to Win the Belmont

I had a dream last night.  The son of Danzig will win the Belmont.  Imawildandcrazy guy will hit the board. That was my dream and I'm going to put $20 on the nose of Hard Spun.  I don't have t he balls for any more than that.  In my dream, I thought I had the trifecta and superfecta and when I went to cash my ticket (I had Street Sense, I'm a wild and crazy guy and Curlin and not sure who I had in the fourth spot, some mystery horse) the guy behind the Audemars Piguet Replica Watches window said, no you lose, the son of Danzig won, how could you think otherwise? 

So I have other issues: stupiditis.  Stupiditis causes me to want to bet Slew's Tizzy, not primarily because of his running lines, but because I was an ass who didn't have Tiznow in EITHER Breeder's Cup Classics he won.  I also didn't have Da Hoss, either time.  Now here's the thing: in every other race I'd bet Tiznow or Da Hoss, but not the key races.  So I feel like I have to honor his son; I feel like if Slew's Tizzy wins the Belmont and I don't have a bet on him, I'm an asshole.

Stupiditis also means I will put some bucks on Tiago.  Because of Pleasant Tap /Pleasant Colony lines.  Behrens.  Pleasantly Perfect.  Who I DID have in the Classic.

So tell me, what's the big deal IF either Tiago or Slew's Tizzy ends up and wins and I don't have a bet on them?   Nothing happens, that's what. I need to develop racing character; I have none.  I remember I said I would talk races with OJ Simpson .  I might even talk races with Bin Laden, that's how low I am.  I have no minimum standard on who I will have a conversation with on "who do you like".

I commit to bet $24 total on this race.  That's IT.  $20 to win on Hard Spun and $2 to place and show on I'm a Wild and Crazy.  Let's see if I have any moral strength whatsoever.

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