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May 07, 2007

Curlin Third--and Fire the Marketeer of Yum

Much to the chagrin of his owner and trainer, Curlin came in third behind Street Sense, the winner and Hard Spun, the worthy second placer.  What a race!  Racing fans and horse lovers can rest assured that next year's Derby preps will not be cut back to mimic a three race Derby winner--because there WASN'T ONE! and MAYBE just MAYBE we'll see even more serious BC Juvenile entrants now that the stupid "jinx" has been busted.  For Pete's sake.

Much to the chagrin of Debbie Dumshit, the marketeer of Yum who came up with the absolutely idiotic "bonus" idea for a horse that "beat" the 5 length Barbaro margin, the idea was widely panned as extremely unsportsmanlike and venal and mean.  Sure, jockey, whip the fake breitling watch shit out of the horse down the final stretch for the extra DINERO from Yum!

And didn't we all have quite ENOUGH of the global fast food commercials?  OK Yum and Debbie Dum, you made your points.  Barf on you!  Drug company ads, visa Ads, and the best of all, the Credit Card Deadbeat ads (call us and we'll wipe out your nasty interest on those nasty credit cards that they twisted your arm to use to the point that your interest charges would take you 33 years to pay!) crowded out the different horse farm ads--wouldn't we have rather seen HORSES than fat asses and deadbeats?

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