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Here are occasional articles from friends and pontifications from yours truly on subjects nearest and dearest to my heart and mind.

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Artax, World Champion, Joins Skip Away and Secretariat in Heaven

Artax, a champion sprinter who was attacked by a drunken racegoer in a stakes on the 1999 Preakness Stakes (gr. I) undercard, died Jan. 8 in an equine hospital in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, because of complications from colic. The 17-year-old stallion (More »

Indian Charlie Loses Battle with Cancer

Belmont May Give Us a New Star
It's Drosselmeyer's turn

Loving memories of Skip Away
Skip Away, '98 Horse of Year, dies at 17
Rahy Pensioned by Three Chimneys Farm
Cozzene Dead
BC Winner/Sire Cozzene D

Curlin Third--and Fire the Marketeer of Yum
Much to the chagrin of his owner and trainer, Curlin came in third behind Street Sense, the win

Barbaro and what might have been
Unlike movies and books about the sport, real-life horse racing does not often produce stories w

Barbaro and what might have been
Unlike movies and books about the sport, real-life horse racing does not often produce stories w

My Picks for Today
Here are my picks for today's big races: Toyota Blue Grass - $2 straight trifecta Bluegrass Ca

General Tommy Frank pulls all troops out of Iraq
BAGHDAD- With news of antiwar protesters laying down across highways in every major US city, Genera

Local Grocers Automate Checkout
GRAND RAPIDS- In keeping with the recently adopted tradition of the customer no longer being alway

Technologist protects against solar activity
MIAMI- Computer technologist Charles King, working from his laboratory in Kingston Florida stated T

Thirty Unfinished Paintings Added

Here's the thing: when I finish a painting, it's generally around the time it's going

The Appearance of Paintings on this Site
Something about scanners and cameras really distort and emphasize the wrong things when I look at t


The Ultimate Guide to The Cheltenham Festival
All you need to know about horse racing's most spectacular event, with an awesome infographic!

Cigar in Heaven

Racing Hall of Fame member 

The 2009 Kentucky Derby
First and foremost I will be livid if a lightly

The Breeders Cup Over Two Days is a Mistake

There must be some hotshot MBAs over at Breeder's Cup headquarters.  To come up with the

Dutrow's Checkered Past...

Dutrow's checkered past follows him to Derby spotlight

By Pat F

Derby 2008-Court Vision Most Deserving

Here's all I have to say about this year's D erby:  if Big Brown wins, which he won&

Fucked Up
Very bad news.  Very bad news swiss replica wa

More Terrible Stallion News: Maria's Mon

It's been a very bad year for my favorite horses--t he effing breeding shed is killing t

Piggy Breeders-Hennessy Dead at 14

I guess it's a tough breeding business --I mean to make all of those millions on breeding syn

Fkk'd UP

I found this bit of crap on the internet.  This really sucks rotten eggs:

WHAT a FKKING Race!!!!!
Curlin  won me over, Street Sense won me over and Hard Spun took the lead a little too soon for

Curlin=Bellamy Road
Brevity is the soul of wit.  And this time I know I'm right Curlin Schmerlin

You know, there's one good thing about the lightly raced Curlin's Arkansas Derby win.&nbs

I had made a name necklace with Barbaro's name because I was sure he would win the triple crown. T

Barbaro Will Win the Triple Crown
I have a bet going with Brooke Barona that Barbaro will win the triple crown. Every bet I made on

An Awesome Day at the Races!
When the longshot won the Distaff, I knew it was going to be a great day. Where the hell was every

Breeders Cup--My Anal-ISS-ASS
First off, let me confess: I normally drop over $100 on my various bets--ok, closer to $200 when al

Pray for Peace in the BC Mile
I printed out the BC Entries and the horse that has jumped out at me, now that I'm perusing up

Louisiana Derby-Crowned King
Ok, so a fast look-see at the DRF sheet for the Louisiana Derby shows a two horse race between Ten

A Prayer to God for Funny Cide
Dear God in Heaven,May Thy Will be done; May Thy Will be that Funny Cide wins the Belmont Stakes;

It's space between his fingers!!!
Look at the picture, he isn't holding anything! It's space between his fingers, and the win

What a bunch of rotten sore losers the connections of Empire Maker are revealing themselves to be.

The future of racing is secure--we can now watch the three year old champ evolve into a four, five

Joan The Magnificent's Crystal Ball Prediction
Here's what is going to happen: AtswhatImtalknabout: He will throw in the towel in the backstretc

Kafwain out, Empire Maker sore foot
Well, this certainly makes my handicapping a tad easier. Any excuse to bag Empire Maker from my ex

I Won
I ended up betting Scrimshaw, Eye of the Tiger and Most Feared. I bet Scrimshaw and Most Feared P

The Mourning After
I am mourning my wallet for my failure on Saturday to adhere to my principle of betting the horse

Woulda Coulda Shoulda
I have already placed my bets because I cannot stand it anymore. Enough already. So when real dol

Good News/Bad News
The good news is did you see Sir Cherokee's Arkansas stretch run??????????????? That was The BEST!

Big Saturday Predictions and Dum Choices
I am a liberal handicapper: I possess a disdain for facts. I am also ruled by emotion, and sincere

Some After Thoughts of the Liberal Handicapper
Ok, so I'm checking out the morning line odds and as the odds rise, so does the horse's bets-appeal

Oscar's 2007 Belmont

Hard Spun is Going to Win the Belmont

I had a dream last night.  The son of Danzig will win the Belmont.  Imawildandcrazy gu

Oscar's 2003 Belmont Green Sheet
America’s Horse? That is not a title to be bestowed lightly on someone’s withers. It fit Man O’

Oscar's 2003 Preakness Green Sheet
The Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus was in Baltimore from March 11 through March 23 this

Preakness Freakness
Here are the major categories I am using in determining my bet for this race: Has hit over 100

A long time ago in (what seems like) a galaxy far, far away, Ronald Reagan won the Presidential el

Saturday's Keeneland and Pimlico Race Picks
Ok, so I'm at work goldbricking with my handicapping. Are there any race fans at my job? As i

Leo Tolstoy’s epic novel, War and Peace, written in the late 1860’s is perhaps as famous for its le

Gateway Computer Country Stores to purchase Japanese made E-Bombs
BOSTON- Computer manufacturer Gateway Inc, known for their country store atmosphere for selling hig

Denny’s Introduces new menu items to all diners
CLEVELAND- In light of the years of accusations surrounding Donny’s Re

Digestive disorders linked to temperature; wind velocity
MIAMI- Some doctors have insisted the new disorder dubbed ‘acid reflux disease’ is caused by certa

Donny’s Introduces new menu items to all diners
CLEVELAND- In light of the years of accusations surrounding Donny’s Restaurants hiring and serving

Complacency; stupidity linked to contrails
ALBERTA- Scientists in Canada trying to determine the causes for complacency among the world’s pop

Saddam Hussein to speak at commencement ceremonies for Harlem School of Cosmetology and Makeup
NEW YORK- Iraq president Saddam Hussein has been scheduled to give the commencement speech at the n

Entrance to hollow Earth discovered in Detroit
DETROIT- After years of speculation surrounding the hollow planet theory, a ghetto scientist from D

Increase in isolated incidents not related to terrorism
ALBUQUERQUE- Strings and strings of unrelated isolated incidents ranging from bombings to stolen a

Weapons Inspection Movie to be filmed on location in Iraq
WASHINGTON- President Bush announced today he is appointing Secretary of State Colin Powel Executiv

Television; Cinema pure fiction
HOLLYWOOD-Homeland security and INS agents have determined most television programming and movie pr

Water prices expected to climb with war in Iraq and N Korea
POLAR SPRINGS- With water prices already hovering at $5.16 per gallon, experts estimate a full blow

US Postal Service to move operations to Sri Lanka saving billions in operational costs
WASHINGTON- Postmaster General John E. Potter has announced the latest phase in his Transformation

Technological advances enable federal government to better maintain peaceful control
WASHINGTON- With the development of global positioning satellite technology and other various forms

Brutal rape of village girl stuns community
TAMARACK WV- The brutal kidnapping and rape of a Tamarack Valley eighth grader has turned this com

Brainwaves linked to Myocarnidial Reflex Syndrome
ANNOPOLIS- Doctors and researchers at Walter Reid Medical Research Center in Washington have discov

African American Reparations praised by Auto Retailers
DETROIT- The North American Automobile Dealers Association has announced its support for a bill i

Astronomer unlocks mysteries of the universe
JUNO- Astronomer and physicist Dr. Axlerod D. Newman has stunned the scientific world this week wit

Scientists find not so parallel universe
HONOLULU- A group of scientists from the University of Hawaii engaged in a ten year study on parall

New Order on Track with Carcinogen Testing
SEATTLE- A group calling themselves the New Order have begun experiments in several local laborator

Internal CollapseTriggers Investment Scandal
NEW YORK- The weekend collapse of several internal markets have had a sweeping effect on many of th

New Treatment for Clamstramitis released to Homeopathic community
LOS ANGELES- Clamstramitis, the feared disease of the central kinetic energy system has finally met

Jeffrey Pontificates on the Economy
Economy showing signs of parallel development WASHINGTON—Key economic indicators released today sho